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Nutrigenomics 101

The webinar aims at opening up world of possibilities with nutrigenomics for nutritionists.

Course Instructor Neha Kuvelkar


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Course Overview

Have you ever wondered why some individuals eat a whole chocolate bar to satisfy their sweet cravings, whereas for others just a small piece can do the trick? Why do some individuals respond well to a keto diet while others don’t? Did you know that many individuals are lactose intolerant but never end up realising it? So why does this happen? The answers to all these conundrums lie in their unique genetic makeup, which can be explained by the science of Nutrigenomics.

Our genes govern all our bodily functions, so if we don't understand our genetic makeup, we will be unable to utilize the full potential of our bodies. This Nutrigenomics 101 webinar will give you an introduction to the field of Nutrigenomics and how it can be incorporated into your practice. It will help you understand the role that genetics plays in making highly effective, personalized nutrition plans.

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Nutrigenomics 101

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Nutrigenomics 101

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Neha Kuvelkar

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